Intel Xeon Workstation Computers

The Xeon family is a range of CPUs typically used in servers, workstations, and high-end desktop computers. Available in a wide range of different platforms with varying capabilities, there are some similarities which are broadly shared across these models. For example, all Xeons support error checking and correcting (ECC) memory, which makes them well suited for long term reliability in server and workstation applications as well as embedded computing environments.

Because of that focus on reliability, they don’t have the highest clock speeds compared to other Intel CPUs—but often feature high core counts and advanced processing features like AVX-512 and high numbers of PCI-Express lanes.

Intel XEON ATX Workstation

  • Intel Xeon W 2400 & 3400 CPU
  • 1 to 2 GPUs
  • Up to 512GB DDR5 ECC
  • Mid Tower

Price from £6,543.17


Intel Xeon EATX Workstation

  • Intel Xeon W 2400 & 3400 CPU
  • 1 to 4 GPUs
  • Up to 512GB DDR5 ECC
  • Full Tower

Price from £8,065.16


How We’re Different

We’re a company that’s focused on our customers, and we know that you value custom design and performance. We’re here to be your partner in this process, offering high-quality products that meet or exceed expectations and are backed by exceptional service.


Xds computers’ custom-built desktop computers are a rare and special breed. They are optimised, powerful, quiet and dependable because they have been meticulously developed, carefully engineered and thoroughly tested. Our standards are unrivalled and you can be confident that every component has been selected for inclusion in our product range.


Every XDS workstation is built with the latest, most powerful technology at its core. We’re constantly exploring new technologies in search of the best solutions for our customers, who have high expectations for their computers. Our goal is to make sure that your XDS computer can handle anything you throw at it.


We’re fanatical about reliability. Each component of our product line is tested thoroughly before it’s released to the market. We keep track of reliability trends and don’t promote or market any items that don’t pass our high standards. The final product is a Workstation that will last you a long time.

How Our Process Works


We offer a range of custom-configured desktop computers that may be tailored to suit your specific workflow requirements. All our workstations are built using the highest quality components available.


Order from us with confidence. Purchase a PC from our secure website and create an account to track your order history and receive real-time updates on the status of your purchase.


Your computer will be assembled by our technicians using the components you’ve selected. If any components are not available or not in stock at the time of build, we will inform you as soon as possible and help you select alternate options.


On our website, you can track your order in real time. You’ll receive a tracking number once the build is finished and shipped. Most orders are sent within 8 to 10 business days.

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