Workstations for Photogrammetry & GIS

At XDS Computers, we understand the critical importance of high-performance computing in GIS (Geographic Information System) and photogrammetry applications. Through extensive testing, we have validated the functionality of various popular photogrammetry software, ensuring they work seamlessly on our systems. Our computers are specifically designed to handle large and small picture sets with remarkable speed and efficiency, catering to the demanding requirements of professionals in the GIS and photogrammetry fields.

We recognize the scarcity of reliable performance information for both GIS and photogrammetry applications available online. To address this gap, we provide the valuable data we have acquired from our rigorous testing process. Our recommended systems program is dedicated to offering our customers the best workstations for GIS and photogrammetry tasks. We strive to deliver reliable and high-performing systems that meet the specific requirements of professionals in these fields.

Whether you are involved in mapping, spatial analysis, or data visualization, our workstations are optimized to support your GIS and photogrammetry workflows. With our powerful computers, you can expect rapid processing of image sets and efficient handling of geospatial data, enabling you to perform complex GIS and photogrammetry tasks with ease. Explore the exceptional performance and reliability that our workstations bring to your GIS and photogrammetry applications. Trust XDS Computers to provide you with the cutting-edge technology you need for your GIS and photogrammetry projects.

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Why Choose XDS Computers

We have years of experience with a wide variety of hardware, software and combinations of the two. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. When you purchase a recommended system from us, you get our expertise, our recommendations, and valuable information. We have developed relationships with vendors and other companies in our field in an effort to provide the best hardware available for your needs.

Built specifically for you

We understand that everyone is different and has different needs, so we build our systems around the specific needs of your job. We want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what you need for maximum performance.

5 years warranty

When you purchase a XDS workstation, you can be confident that you are getting the best of both worlds. Our systems are built with high quality components that run the software you need for your business, backed by a 5-year warranty.

Lifetime technical support

When you buy a bespoke systems from XDS Computers, we provide lifetime technical support. We answer your queries and offer helpful technical assistance for your system even after the components warranty has expired.

Professional build quality

You can be confident that the workstation you purchase from XDS Computers will be built with the highest quality components. Our expert system builders will take great care to build your PC using cable-routing techniques, and they’ll assemble it with care.

Burn in test

Before delivery, your custom workstation undergoes thorough testing to ensure its dependability in the worst circumstances. All hardware and software components are rigorously tested!

Fast build times

We can deliver an industry-leading ship time on almost all of our system orders by holding inventory of our most popular parts, keeping a short supply line to components we regularly need, and maintaining good relationships with suppliers.

Extensive quality control

At XDS Computers, we have a detail-oriented process that ensures no essential details are overlooked when shipping computers. Each check point has a corresponding procedure, which is tracked by the person who checks it and when it was completed.

Highly Reliable Components line

We review the parts in our product range weekly to ensure that only the best components are used. We promptly address any patterns in failure rates, resulting in a very dependable product line that keeps getting better. You may be sure that every purchase you make from our website is a high-quality item.

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