SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation

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The SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation is designed to deliver smooth and responsive performance for general modeling tasks. Powered by Intel’s Core i7 and i9 CPUs, this system offers exceptional capabilities for the majority of CAD operations. With a configuration option of up to 128GB of RAM, it provides ample memory capacity for even the most intricate and extensive assemblies. Additionally, you can choose from a range of NVIDIA video cards and multiple storage options to meet your specific requirements.


When it comes to connectivity, this workstation offers several USB ports, including USB Type C, ensuring easy integration with various devices. Wired and wireless networking capabilities are built-in, allowing you to stay connected and collaborate seamlessly. Furthermore, the system is equipped with analog and digital audio support, enabling high-quality sound output for a complete workstation experience.

In the dynamic world of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), where precision and efficiency are paramount, our SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation stands as a reliable companion for professionals engaged in general modeling tasks. Meticulously designed and powered by Intel’s Core i7 and i9 CPUs, this workstation is tailored to deliver a seamless and responsive performance, meeting the demands of the majority of CAD operations.

The Workstation offers a configuration option of up to 128GB of RAM, providing ample memory capacity to handle intricate and extensive assemblies with ease. This ensures that whether you’re dealing with large-scale models or intricate designs, the workstation’s memory capacity is up to the challenge, offering a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

For graphical prowess, the SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation offers a range of NVIDIA video cards. This allows users to choose the GPU that best aligns with their specific requirements, providing the necessary graphical power for rendering and visualizing complex 3D models.

Connectivity is a key aspect of the Workstation. Featuring multiple USB ports, including the versatile USB Type C, the workstation ensures easy integration with various devices and peripherals. Whether you’re connecting external storage, input devices, or other accessories, the SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation streamlines the process, enhancing your overall workflow.

Staying connected is crucial in collaborative work environments. The Workstation addresses this need with both wired and wireless networking capabilities. This allows for seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring that you can share your work, make edits in real-time, and contribute to collaborative projects effortlessly.

Furthermore, the inclusion of analog and digital audio support enhances the overall workstation experience. Whether you’re engaged in virtual meetings, multimedia projects, or simply enjoying high-quality sound output, the SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation provides a complete and immersive user experience.

In conclusion, the SOLIDWORKS Pro Workstation is not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution crafted to elevate your CAD modeling experience. With its powerful hardware configuration, versatile connectivity options, and thoughtful design, this workstation is poised to enhance your productivity and efficiency in the world of CAD.

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