SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation

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Introducing our SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation, a powerhouse designed to tackle demanding CAD/CAM tasks with exceptional efficiency. Built around Intel’s cutting-edge Xeon W processors, this workstation excels in Flow and FEA simulations, delivering smooth and responsive performance. With a focus on high core counts, it caters to simulations that benefit from intensive parallel processing.


Notably, the enhanced core performance also extends to CPU-based rendering, such as PhotoView 360. For users seeking an unparalleled rendering experience, platforms like AMD’s Threadripper, boasting even higher core-counts, provide superior speed and performance. Whatever your CAD/CAM needs, our SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation is here to elevate your workflow and empower your creativity.

Empower your CAD/CAM workflows with our SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation, featuring Intel’s Xeon W processors for exceptional efficiency in Flow and FEA simulations, alongside AMD Threadripper options for superior rendering performance. Elevate your creativity and tackle demanding tasks seamlessly.

In the realm of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), where precision, efficiency, and speed are paramount, our SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation stands as a pinnacle of computational power. This meticulously engineered system is crafted to meet the demands of intensive simulations, rendering, and other complex workflows that characterize the landscape of CAD/CAM tasks.

At the heart of this Workstation lies the formidable Intel Xeon W processors. These processors serve as the powerhouse that propels the workstation’s exceptional efficiency, ensuring that it navigates through intricate designs and conducts comprehensive simulations with unparalleled ease. Whether you’re engaged in Flow simulations or Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the workstation’s focus on high core counts delivers smooth and responsive performance, handling the intricacies of these tasks with precision.

For users immersed in CPU-based rendering, especially with tools like PhotoView 360, the SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation shines with its enhanced core performance. Rendering, a task that places a heavy load on the processor, benefits immensely from the workstation’s computational prowess, ensuring that the rendering process is not just efficient but also swift.

Recognizing the diverse needs of CAD/CAM professionals, the SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation offers an alternative in the form of AMD Threadripper. Boasting even higher core counts, Threadripper provides a superior rendering experience for users seeking not just efficiency but an extra layer of performance for their rendering-intensive projects.

More than just a computing tool, the Workstation becomes a catalyst for creativity and efficiency in CAD/CAM workflows. It doesn’t just meet the expectations of demanding tasks; it surpasses them. This workstation is not merely a machine; it’s a companion for professionals seeking the pinnacle of computing performance in the world of CAD/CAM. Elevate your creativity, enhance your workflow, and conquer the challenges of CAD/CAM with the SOLIDWORKS Elite Workstation.

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