Intel Core MicroATX Workstation

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Introducing the Intel Core MicroATX Workstation, a powerful mini-tower system designed for high-performance computing. Equipped with Intel’s 14th Gen Core processor platform and a micro-ATX size motherboard, this workstation delivers exceptional processing capabilities, offering up to 32 threads on an affordable platform.


The Fractal Design Define 7 Mini case features convenient USB and audio ports along the top front edge, providing easy access for connectivity. Additionally, the motherboard’s rear I/O panel offers a range of USB ports, additional audio connectivity, and both Ethernet and WiFi options for seamless networking. Despite the compact size of the chassis, it supports a variety of options, including high-end video cards, up to 128GB of memory, and multiple solid-state and hard drive configurations. To ensure efficient cooling, the workstation is equipped with multiple fans and filters over the air intakes, effectively reducing dust buildup and maintaining optimal performance.


The Intel Core MicroATX Workstation is an ideal choice for professionals who require a compact yet powerful system for their computing needs. Whether you’re engaging in intensive tasks or demanding applications, this workstation offers the performance and flexibility to tackle a wide range of projects with ease. Experience seamless multitasking and reliable performance with this versatile workstation solution.

The Intel Core MicroATX Workstation stands as a testament to the marriage of compact design and unparalleled performance, redefining what’s possible in the realm of high-performance mini-tower systems. At its core, this workstation harnesses the might of Intel’s 14th Gen Core processor platform, providing a compact yet powerful computing solution that is nothing short of groundbreaking. Offering a remarkable capacity of up to 32 threads, this mini-tower system ensures that even the most demanding computing tasks are handled with exceptional efficiency.

Encased within the Fractal Design Define 7 Mini case, this Intel Core MicroATX workstation doesn’t compromise on accessibility. The top front edge of the case is home to conveniently located USB and audio ports, ensuring seamless connectivity for various peripherals. The motherboard’s rear I/O panel further enhances connectivity options, featuring additional USB ports, supplementary audio connections, and both Ethernet and WiFi capabilities for comprehensive networking. Despite its compact footprint, this mini-tower system supports a diverse range of configurations, including high-end video cards, up to 128GB of memory, and various solid-state and hard drive setups. It’s a powerful computing solution in a small package, demonstrating that size doesn’t dictate capability.

Efficient cooling is a critical component of the Intel Core MicroATX Workstation’s design philosophy. Multiple fans, strategically placed within the system, ensure optimal airflow, effectively dissipating heat and maintaining peak performance. The inclusion of air intake filters takes it a step further, reducing dust buildup and contributing to the longevity of the components.

Tailored for professionals who prioritize both space efficiency and robust performance, the Intel Core MicroATX Workstation delivers a seamless multitasking experience and reliable performance. It caters to a spectrum of professional applications, offering the flexibility required to tackle diverse projects with ease. Whether you’re involved in resource-intensive tasks or demanding applications, this workstation is the epitome of a compact yet mighty computing solution. Elevate your professional computing experience with the Intel Core MicroATX Workstation, where size meets performance in perfect harmony.


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