NVIDIA RTX A6000 Ampere Architecture 48GB


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PNY NVIDIA RTX A6000 48GB GDDR6 Ampere Workstation Graphic Card

The world of professional visualization is undergoing a rapid transformation, with advanced technologies like real-time ray tracing, AI, compute, engineering simulation, and immersive VR becoming essential across various industries. Additionally, the shift to remote work has become a norm for millions of professionals. In this dynamic landscape, the NVIDIA RTX A6000 emerges as the ultimate solution, equipping designers, engineers, and artists with everything they need to meet the demands of today’s evolving visual computing requirements, all from the convenience of their desktop.

Powered by the cutting-edge NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the RTX A6000 sets a new standard for performance. With a remarkable combination of 84 second-generation RT Cores, 336 third-generation Tensor Cores, and 10,752 CUDA cores, along with a massive 48 GB of graphics memory, this GPU delivers unparalleled capabilities for rendering, AI, graphics, and compute tasks. For even greater power, you can connect two RTX A6000s using NVIDIA NVLink™, allowing for an astounding 96 GB of combined GPU memory. Moreover, with remote-access software, you can access the full potential of your workstation from anywhere, enabling you to engineer groundbreaking products, design cutting-edge buildings, drive scientific discoveries, and create immersive entertainment experiences. Experience the world’s most powerful graphics solution with the NVIDIA RTX A6000 and unlock your creative potential.

Unleash Lightning-Fast, Interactive Performance

Immerse yourself in unparalleled speed and interactivity, driven by the latest NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPU. Benefit from ultra-fast, on-board graphics memory technology and optimized software drivers specifically designed for professional applications. Experience a new level of efficiency and productivity like never before.

Revolutionary Ray-Traced Rendering

Elevate your rendering capabilities with the NVIDIA RTX A6000’s 84 RT Cores, delivering photorealistic ray-traced rendering up to 80% faster than its predecessor. Experience an extraordinary level of realism and precision in your visuals. Additionally, the hardware-accelerated Motion BVH significantly enhances motion blur rendering performance, achieving an impressive 7X improvement for smoother and more realistic animations.

Accelerate AI Workflows

Supercharge your AI development and training workloads with the power of 336 Tensor Cores embedded in the RTX A6000. Witness exceptional inferencing performance coupled with enterprise-class stability and reliability. This makes the RTX A6000 an optimal choice for professional AI training and inferencing deployments, enabling breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

Unleash the Full Potential

Take your application performance to new heights by leveraging NVIDIA NVLink technology. Combine two RTX A6000 cards in a single workstation chassis and unlock double the effective GPU memory, elevating performance to an astonishing 96 GB. Empower your applications to handle even the most demanding tasks with ease and efficiency.

Hardware Compatibility and Stability

Rest assured knowing that the RTX A6000 ensures seamless compatibility and stability. NVIDIA’s steadfast support of the latest OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, and CUDA standards, along with deep engagements with independent software vendors (ISVs) and certification with over 100 professional software applications, guarantees a reliable and optimized experience.

NGC Support for Enhanced Productivity

Gain access to a wealth of resources with NGC support. Engineers, researchers, and data scientists can explore NVIDIA-tuned, tested, certified, and maintained containers for top deep learning frameworks. Additionally, third-party managed high-performance computing (HPC) containers, NVIDIA HPC visualization containers, and partner applications provide a comprehensive ecosystem for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Embrace the future of professional visualization with the NVIDIA RTX A6000 and unlock unrivaled performance, efficiency, and compatibility for your most demanding applications.

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Graphics Chipset
Edition NVIDIA RTX A6000
Manufacturing process
Microarchitecture Ampere
GPU Name
Cores & Clocks
NVIDIA CUDA Cores 10752
Core Clock
Boost Clock
Video Memory (VRAM)
Memory Size 48 GB
Memory Type GDDR6
Memory Clock
Memory Bit Rate
Memory Bandwidth 768 GB/s
ECC Technology Yes
Cooling Single Fan (1)
I/O & Connectivity
Interface PCIe 4.0 (x16)
Interface Bandwidth
Graphics Output 4 x DisplayPort 1.4
Multi GPU Support NVLink
NVLink Support N/A
Total NVLink Bandwidth 112.5 GB/s
Microsoft DirectX Support
HDCP Ready Yes
Multi Monitor Support 4 Displays
Concurent Users N/A
H.264 1080p30 Streams N/A
Maximum Digital Resolution 7680×4320 (8K UHD)
Maximum VGA Resolution N/A
Supported Graphics APIs
Compute Performance
Supported Compute APIs
Single Precision (FP32) Processing Yes
Single Precision (FP32) Performance
Double Precision (FP64) Processing Yes
Double Precision (FP64) Performance
Tensor Processing Yes
Deep Learning (Tensor) Performance
NVIDIA Tensor Cores 336
Integer Operations (INT8)
NVIDIA RT Cores 84
Rays Cast
Power & Thermals
Graphics Card Power Connectors
Board Power 300 W
Minimum Recommended PSU
Maximum GPU Temperature
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