Nvidia Quadro Sync II Kit (PNY)


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PNY Quadro SyncII Option for Pascal Quadro Cards

PNY Quadro SyncII Option Board

The PNY Quadro SyncII Option Board is designed as an accessory for compatible NVIDIA Quadro Kepler and Maxwell GPUs. It provides powerful synchronization capabilities for multiple displays and applications within a single system or visualization cluster. With support for NVIDIA Quadro K5000, K6000, K4200, and K5200 graphics cards, this option board offers flexibility and scalability for ultra-high resolution display walls and visualization setups.

Multi-GPU Mosaic

The integrated Mosaic software technology allows you to create a large virtual display by abstracting multiple physical displays. When spanning the virtual display across multiple GPUs, the Quadro SyncII board ensures synchronization, keeping all displays aligned. You can scale your applications onto a unified desktop, extending across all synchronized displays or projectors, using the NVIDIA Mosaic technology.

Frame Lock

The Quadro SyncII board enables you to synchronize multiple displays within a single machine or across multiple machines in a cluster. By selecting a timing master display, all other displays align to it. This feature can be used with individual physical displays as well as single or multi-GPU Mosaic displays.

Sync to an External Timing Source

With the Quadro SyncII board, you have the ability to align a selected display to an external timing generator. This display can be a Mosaic or physical display and can serve as the frame lock master if desired.

Simplified Deployments

By utilizing the Quadro SyncII board, you can reduce the number of Z Workstations required and minimize operational complexity. It allows you to synchronize up to three NVIDIA Quadro Kepler GPUs and 12 displays or projectors using just one NVIDIA Quadro Sync.

Support for Windows-Based Visualization Clusters

The PNY Quadro SyncII board supports industry-standard Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) configuration and management interfaces. This makes it easy to script and remotely manage NVIDIA Quadro Sync and other GPU features within a Windows-based visualization cluster.

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Kepler and newer GPUs with connector and driver support.

Supports NVIDIA Quadro K5000, K6000, K4200, K5200 graphics cards.

Synchronization of three GPU’s and up to 12 display channels per board.

Enable and synchronize single or multi-GPU NVIDIA Mosaic.

The timing master can drive two chains so a cluster of 50 nodes and up to 200 GPUs can be synchronized.

Synchronize devices with ±0.50 ppm difference between timings.

Plugs into a free PCIe slot.

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