Intel X540-T1 10GbE Ethernet Adaptor


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Intel X540-T1 10GbE 1 Port Ethernet Adaptor

Smooth Migration to 10GbE:

The Intel X540T1 Single Port Ethernet Converged Network Adapter in black offers a seamless transition to 10 GbE, making it easier for users to adopt iSCSI, FCoE, virtualization, and flexible port partitioning. With compatibility with legacy Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches and Cat 6A cabling, this adapter simplifies the migration process. By installing the adapter into a server, the auto-negotiation between 1 and 10 GbE ensures backward compatibility, facilitating a smooth and effortless transition to 10 GbE.

Power Efficient:

The X540T1 allows for the deployment of 10 GbE in existing data centers. With the use of Cat6 and Cat 6A cabling, this adapter integrates the MAC and PHY into a single-chip solution, resulting in reduced power consumption compared to separate components. This eliminates the need for active heat sinks and lowers the per-port power consumption.

Performance & Reliability:

The X540T1 adapter delivers efficient 10 GbE network performance for bandwidth-intensive applications and offers reliable RJ-45 connectivity for distances of up to 328′ (100 m). With virtualization, server resources can be efficiently deployed and managed by running multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server.


The adapter enhances network connectivity through I/O virtualization, providing features such as FPP, multiple Rx/Tx queues, and on-controller QoS functionality that can be utilized in both virtual and non-virtual server deployments. FPP enables the usage of virtual controllers directly by the Linux host and/or their assignment to virtual machines. It allows administrators to partition the 10 GbE bandwidth across multiple processes, ensuring QoS by allocating equal bandwidth to each assigned process. Network administrators can also control the availability of the 10 GbE pipe to each process by rate-limiting their services.

Cost Effective:

With unified networking solutions, the adapter allows for the consolidation of multiple data center networks, such as LAN and SAN, into a single efficient network fabric. It supports NFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) to carry both network and storage traffic at speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. This adapter combines the support for these traffic types without any additional cost or licensing fees. Unified networking is available on every server through LAN-on-Motherboard (LOM) implementation or an add-in Network Interface Card (NIC). iSCSI leverages Ethernet for storage traffic, simplifying storage networking without the need for specialized adapters or switches. The X540 adapter provides a reliable and effective solution for connecting servers to iSCSI SANs.

The Open-FCoE architecture utilizes FCoE initiators in Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as in the VMware ESXi hypervisor, to deliver high-performance FCoE solutions using standard 10 GbE Ethernet adapters. This approach allows IT managers to streamline the data center and standardize on a single adapter for LAN and SAN connectivity. The adapter fully offloads the FCoE data path, providing comprehensive converged network adapter (CNA) functionality without compromising power efficiency and interoperability.

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Brand Intel
Model X540-T1
Compatible Port PCI Express x8
Card Form Factor Low Profile
Number of Ports 1 Port
Max Data Rate 10 Gbps
External Interfaces RJ-45
NIC Card Type Converged Network Adapter (CNA)
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