Intel Core ATX DAW Workstation


This DAW Workstation is meticulously crafted for outstanding music production performance, powered by Intel’s 13th Gen Core processors. This workstation blends high clock speeds on its “performance” cores with additional “efficiency” cores, making it adept at handling multitasking and background threads efficiently. It supports a robust 128GB of memory, ensuring smooth operation even under demanding workloads. Reaper and other similar DAWs also perform well on this PC, making it a versatile choice for music producers.

Connectivity is a breeze with this compact and noise-efficient tower system, equipped with a range of USB ports. Both Type C ports are conveniently located on the rear, ensuring seamless connectivity. While the system’s size imposes some limits on internal expansion, it still offers ample space for multiple solid-state drives, ensuring efficient project storage and access. Moreover, it features a free PCI-Express 4.0 x4 slot, ready to accommodate potential future expansion needs.

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