Case Fans Upgrade Kit (Noctua)


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Case Fans Upgrade Kit (Noctua)

The primary objectives of this kit are twofold: to enhance cooling performance beyond the stock fans typically found in most cases and to minimize overall system noise levels. It accomplishes this by replacing all existing 120mm and 140mm fans with upgraded models and incorporating additional fans as needed to ensure optimal system ventilation. Each fan is equipped with a 4-pin PWM header, enabling pulse-width modulation control from the motherboard. This feature allows for dynamic adjustments in fan speeds based on temperature fluctuations. By exerting this level of control over cooling, the system can operate quietly during low-load scenarios while effectively dissipating heat during intensive usage.

Currently, we utilize Noctua fans for this kit, although the specific brand may vary over time as we explore newer, quieter options, also considering the fan sizes required by the case. Typically, this kit involves a minimum of two fans, although sometimes it includes up to four. Not every available space in the case will necessarily be occupied by fans, as additional airflow may be unnecessary or not deemed worthwhile due to the accompanying noise increase. If you have specific preferences regarding fan placement, we recommend reaching out to your designated sales representative for further assistance.

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Dimension  120-140 mm (4.7 in)
Speed  300-1500 RPM
Air Flow  55-82.5 CFM
Noise  22.4-24.6 dBa
Bearing Type  SSO2
Life Expectation  >150000 hours
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