256GB DDR4-3200 REG ECC (8x32GB)


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Micron 256GB(8x32GB) 3200MHz ECC Registered DDR4 Server Memory

Unlock the Full Potential of Your IT Infrastructure with Micron Server DRAM

Speed up your server applications and optimize your IT budget with Micron Server DRAM. By maximizing your installed memory capacity, you can significantly enhance the performance and efficiency of your deployments, all while staying within your budget.

Boost Server Performance

With Micron DRAM, you can unleash the full power of your CPUs and maximize the computing potential of your servers. Memory often acts as a primary performance bottleneck, even more so than processors or storage drives. By maximizing your memory capacity, you can optimize your server infrastructure investment and achieve superior performance.

Optimize Your IT Budget

Micron DRAM offers a cost-effective solution to extend the lifespan and performance of your existing infrastructure. Instead of investing in new servers, you can enhance your current systems with Micron DRAM, saving both time and money. Even if you need to replace servers, you can purchase ones with minimal pre-installed memory and upgrade to the maximum capacity using Micron Server DRAM, further optimizing your budget.

Enhance Virtualization Performance

As enterprise applications increasingly rely on virtual machines, the amount of installed server memory becomes crucial. Each virtual machine requires dedicated memory, meaning the more virtual machines you run, the more memory you need. With Micron Server DRAM, you can run more virtual machines and significantly improve the responsiveness of virtualized applications.

Leverage the Latest Technology

Micron Server DRAM is available in module densities up to 128GB, allowing you to maximize system performance by increasing memory capacity in each server. Built with advanced technology that enables higher density components, Micron DDR4 32Gb-based memory offers modules twice as dense as 16Gb-based modules, providing optimal performance for your demanding applications.

Take your IT infrastructure to the next level with Micron Server DRAM and unlock the true potential of your systems.

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Size / Capacity 256GB (8x32GB)
Memory Model Server
Max. Memory Channels Provided by Kit
Memory Type DDR4
Memory Type (ECC) ECC
Memory Type (R/U) RDIMM (Registered)
Memory Speed PC4-25600 (3200)
Pins 288
Memory Ranks Dual Rank (2R)
CAS Latency 22-22-22-22
Voltage 1.2 V
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